Hello Whanganui.

Today we launch The Four Five Hundred, an online magazine for this city. And for the World.

Whanganui is about to take a turn, it seems for the better. There are so many projects underway to help this city reach its long-held but never fulfilled potential.

It has to, and The Four Five Hundred want to document that.

We want to tell our stories, to be an ardent supporter of the city, a critic when needed and a forum to discuss the important things that go on here.

It may seem overly ambitious to begin a new, small-scale venture  in media, when the whole industry is in turmoil.

Funding journalism is harder than ever and technology presents as many challenges as it does opportunities.

But allow us to be idealistic.

Because it’s also more important than ever. The more we know about the people and the issues in Whanganui, the better.

We will do our absolute best to provide a quality site for Whanganui and hope that in return we will be supported by the Whanganui community.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, bookmark us on your web browser and read and share our stuff.

We’re starting slowly but there’s a few different things we want to try over the coming months so we’ll cross our fingers and hope it works out.