The final episode of Revisited, No Future, was released today. The six-episode podcast series retells six historical Whanganui stories which have a slightly quirky or at first unbelievable element to them.

The final episode is on Neil Roberts’ bombing of the Wanganui Computer in 1982.

The show has had more than 1000 listens but producers Cass Alexander and Zaryd Wilson are hoping the podcast continues to gain momentum.

As the season come to an end they share some thoughts.

Cass Alexander: I don’t have a favourite episode. The 1915 riot on a German pork butchery is my favourite story, it’s the saddest story. For some reason that story maybe speaks to our contemporary culture of judging people for a certain reason that has nothing to do with who they might be as a person but where they come from.

Zaryd Wilson: I think that theme comes through in most of the episodes, including the one about the murder of Chinese market gardener Chow Yat and Neil Roberts to a certain extent. In some ways nothing has changed in 100 years. We judge people now, different people, different groups.

CA: They ended up being stories about outsiders. I think Whanganui attracts those kinds of people. I guess it’s always been a transient place. It’s been a place of trading and making connections. It’s always been quite bohemian in a way. But it’s got wealth as well. And those two are quite extreme, I think.

CA: I think podcasting is a really amazing medium and it’s really easy. I mean, it’s a lot of work but it’s easy to do. You’re not having anyone tell you if it’s wrong or right. You’re just putting information out and curating it yourself.

ZW: Kind of punk, like you can get away with some amateur bits. We can get away with not being trained radio people. We didn’t really know how to record stuff.

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