Sarah Williams says it’s important to support local artists at Christmas and is providing people with an opportunity to do so.

Christmas Night Market is on this Saturday at her Space Studio & Gallery on Taupo Quay.

Williams first ran a night market as a fundraiser for the Women’s Network.

“It was just a real success and I’ve just continued doing it,” she says.

“A big driver is to encourage Whanganui people to support artists over Christmas with their present buying.

“That’s a real key time for them to make money for their families. It’s a heavy time for everybody financially so it’s nice to be able – when you’re buying your presents – to buy from people who can appreciate having extra income.”

The market includes 20 stalls, food, coffee and entertainment and is held above the gallery and the side car park.

“It also just opens up the door a bit wider to the general public,” Williams says. “I just find they feel they can approach the gallery and it just brings people in.”

*Christmas Night Market: Saturday, December 10, 5.30-8.30pm at Space Studio & Gallery, Taupo Quay.

**New Zealand Glass Works is also hosting a market on the same day from 10am on Rutland St.