It’s only a small thing. But as more organisations correct the spelling of Whanganui how about the biggest social media company in the World comes to the party?

Well over half the country now uses Facebook daily and it’s become a key piece of digital infrastructure for so many aspects of our lives.

But anyone who lives in Whanganui still can’t have it as their hometown on their profile. We’re stuck with: ‘lives in Wanganui’.

It amazing how quickly that spelling has come to look old and wrong.

The district’s name changed to Whanganui in 2014 – only two years ago – while it’s been an optional spelling for the urban area since 2009. But on Facebook at least, we’re still all from Wanganui.

So The Four Five Hundred contacted the social media giant just over a month ago to find out why Whanganui wasn’t an option.

Did they even know it has changed? Probably not.

The answer?

We couldn’t get any official comment but were told it would be looked into.

And then On November 28 we received an email saying it had been changed in the system and would appear soon.

Who know’s how long that will take? The change hasn’t yet appeared on the site and we havn’t been able to get anymore comment.

So c’mon Facebook. Join us here in Whanganui.