The top five most read stories from The Four Five Hundred’s first 100 days:

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5: Kessel: Out from under the covers

4: Akash Gill: The Canadian cricketer’s Whanganui summer

“It felt good to me to be a 17-year-old kid coming from Canada and be opening the bowling for Wanganui. It was just a great experience.”

Akash Gill

3: Celebrating Castlecliff’s past and future

“There is a lot of pockets in this community, there’s a lot of diversity, and I guess we just want to make sure we’re not excluding anyone from it, that we create the most inclusive environment possible.”

2: Whanganui will host a new summer music festival

November’s announcement of A Gathering in the Forest; a two-day music festival on the outskirts of Whanganui which was held over Waitangi Weekend.

Castlecliff Lights

1: PSA: Whanganui’s earthquake risk and how to be prepared

“There are few places in New Zealand that aren’t within reasonable access, I suppose, to a fault line. We are the Shaky Isles for a reason.”