To celebrate our first 100 days, we’ve picked five stories we enjoyed doing but which didn’t make the top five most read:

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Chester Borrows: politics, youth justice, prisons and marriage equality:

Zaryd Wilson talks to Chester Borrows about his time in Parliament, his changing politics, youth justice, prisons, marriage equality and Whanganui’s changing fortunes.

Bringing youth back to Whanganui

Like most provincial cities, Whanganui suffers the annual exodus of teenagers heading off to university and to travel the word.

Numbers in the 20-35 age bracket are in decline and much of that is down to outside influences.

The Four Five Hundred had a conversation with two people who represent that key demographic: Whanganui District Council Youth Committee co-chairs Jack Southee and Macy Duxfield.

Ivan Vostinar: From Hobbiton to Castlecliff

“I love abstraction. I like simplicity. The form is the most important. The little details don’t matter so much so there’s space for the person who has the work to find something in it of their own imagination.”

Politics and cricket. Hamish McDouall before the mayoralty

He’s won Mastermind, Sale of the Century and a Swedish national cricket title but he had never won an election until he was voted in as Whanganui’s mayor last year.

Marianne Archibald: Disruption and bringing Whanganui business into the new world

Marianne Archibald has been appointed to lead the Whanganui Chamber of Commerce following an eight-year stint at the Whanganui District Council, most recently as innovation leader, where she led the city’s digital strategy.

The Four Five Hundred spoke with her about regional economies, disruption and how Whanganui keeps pace with a changing world.

Whanganui Chamber of Commerce chief executive Marianne Archibald