Welcome to the first episode of The Four Five Hundred podcast. Each week (give or take) we’ll be interviewing someone interesting from Whanganui – could be an artist, a politician, someone with a cool business etc…

First up is Whanganui’s Labour Party candidate for this year’s election – Steph Lewis.

However the election pans out Whanganui will have a new MP on September 23 with Chester Borrows stepping down and Harate Hipango being named as the new National Party candidate last week.

The only other candidate confirmed so far is Horizons regional councillor Nicola Patrick for the Greens.

We will be talking to them in the coming weeks as well.

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But firstly – who is Steph Lewis? She’s 28 – a former Whanganui youth MP who started Whanganui’s Young Labour branch and helped start Whanganui council’s youth committee.

We spoke with her after her first weekend of campaigning at the end of March.